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Commercial Glass Las Vegas

Do you have a commercial establishment that needs an attractive glass door and windows? Do you need your existing storefront to be changed to better fit you business needs?

Gold Glass provides custom commercial glass doors, large commercial glass windows, and unique and attractive glass solutions for your business. 

If you need a solution for your commercial glass in Las Vegas, please contact us to give you an estimate on any new builds, additions and any repairs. 

We also fix and provide maintenance services on storefront doors. 

Storefront Door Maintenance & Repair

Do you have an aluminum storefront door that is slamming? Having troubles opening and closing properly? Sagging? Leaking oil from the top of the door? Has the door fallen off its Hinges? Does your door have trouble unlocking and locking?  

Our technicians specialize in fixing aluminum and all glass (herculite) storefront doors. Put your mind at ease by relying on our fast and affordable maintenance and door repair services for your business. 


The video shown on the right shows the smooth operation of the door closing after our technicians have fixed the closer on the door. The new door closer package installed allows customers to enter and exit with ease. 

The gallery on the right indicates some common storefront door problems due to daily use. Some of the common repairs are: installation of new hinges, door closers, guides, arms, lock and header kits and door rails.

Sneeze Guards

Add a glass sneeze guard for your commercial establishment that compliments the interior. Sneeze guards are customizable since you can add different glass thicknesses, glass colors and the option to make it framed or frameless.  

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