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Shower Doors & Glass Tub Enclosures

You can have a shower door or tub enclosures with a variety of hardware and glass options. You can choose from different glass textures, colors, thicknesses as well as the different hardware selections that may raise or lower prices. 

Our staff can give you an estimate on the shower door that best fits your budget and your wants when it comes to purchasing a shower door. A shower door is not only an investment that you may use on a daily basis but it can be a way to complement your bathroom. 

Are you interested in working with a company that can turn your dream project into a reality? We have the experience necessary to tackle just about every type of shower door specification our clients have for us, no matter how big or small it may be.

We’re committed to providing consistently reliable service in a timely and professional manner whether it may be a standard framed or a  frameless custom shower or tub enclosure.

Not sure what hardware selection and glass option would be best for your current bathroom layout?


Do you have a look that you are trying to achieve when it comes to glass and hardware options?


That's not a problem!

At Gold Glass, we can help you with any questions and choosing the right hardware, accessories and glass for your shower door layout! 

If you're still not sure and need a little bit of inspiration during your shower door/ tub enclosure, you can refer to our previous jobs to the right. 


The images in the gallery include some of our work which have different hardware finishes, glass thicknesses, color as well as textures, in addition to hardware options.

If you're interested in having our company install a stall (a one panel glass partition), steam shower, or glass for your walk-in shower, we will be happy to point you toward the right direction! 

Feel Free to browse through the many shower doors that our company has installed on the right.


If you click on the "show more" link it will allow you to see more images as well.

Custom Frameless Shower Doors

Framed Shower Doors


Steam Showers & Tub Enclosures

Shower Stalls

Do you want to find a way to make your bathroom or home unique_ At Gold Glass we can help complete y
Three Eigths Inch Oversized Shower Stall with Chrome Clips
Three Eigths Inch Custom Walk-In Shower with Chrome hardware (2 of 2)
Shower door stall in acid etch 🚿 #shower #showerdoors #interiordesign #interiors #customshower #ste
Custom oversized shower stall in acid etch

Shower Door Dealer

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