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What goes into our shower door design & installation process? 

Once your shower/ tub enclosure is finished, complete with tiling, you can call our company to give you an estimate. Our salesperson/ technicians come with a book with pictures and a shower door hardware booklet if you are unsure on what you want as far as design goes. If you want to research and see what our company has to offer, feel free to look through our gallery which is located on the: Shower Doors tab. When it comes to using your shower or tub enclosure, you can feel free to make a unique and custom shower only you have and will enjoy! You can choose from different glass (thicknesses, textures, colors), hardware options (hardware finishes and options) and more depending on your layout. Once we gather the information that you desire and the layout of the shower, we can show you that our work is something we are truly passionate about. So why not splurge if you do not have a budget in mind? 

Sale on  3/8" Shower Doors 

Need a 3/8" shower door installed in your bathroom? We now have a sale going on through end of summer on all shower doors that are standard sizes. Call for details & exclusions! 

Feel Free to Connect with US!

Wondering what our company is up to when it comes to the latest completed projects? Have no fear! You can add us on Instagram: @goldglasslv! With new developments offered in the glazing industry and better technology offered to aid us in completing projects, our company can push the envelope in tackling more difficult tasks offered to us by customers. 

Need to make the interior of your business more visually appealing?

If you want to make your business look more aesthetically pleasing and a one-of-one, we have many solutions to help you achieve the look you desire! When it comes to interior design, it really depends on what you want in your business in terms of glass and mirror applications, budget, overall look you want to achieve and the type of business. When our salesperson/ technician knows this information, we will be able to come up with an estimate, glass and hardware for the given project. Feel free to browse through our gallery located in the: "Commercial Glass," "Commercial Services," "Mirrors" or the "Specialty Projects" tab located on our website!   

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